Happy Birthday Let’s Get It On Part 2: “Distant Lover”

“Head Title” — a demo track used for what would later become “Distant Lover” — was a composition Marvin Gaye was tinkering with in November of 1970. You can actually hear Marvin going through this creative process as he works on crafting a lyric for the song in the following video: At the time of … Continue reading

Happy Birthday “Let’s Get It On”

Late last month Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” album turned 45 years old. To celebrate this and to get things rolling here again at the Funkhouse we are going to release transcriptions of every track Jamerson contributed to this record. “Just To Keep You Satisfied” will kick this series off. Three different recordings with … Continue reading

I Need Your Lovin’ (Recorded Nov. 11, 1968)

So after a long hiatus from posting to this site, I am finally back from a wild adventure of diving deep into the work of James Jamerson. To kick things off I am going to post a full transcription of one of my favorite Jamerson lines from a track called “I Need Your Lovin’” — … Continue reading

UPDATE: Jamerson Documentary KICKSTARTER!!!

Check out the kickstarter for the new Jamerson Doc. and show your support! Every little bit helps!

New Jamerson Documentary!!!

The search for the Holy Grail of all instruments — Jamerson’s legendary Funk Machine — is continued in this landmark documentary, which explores the story of one of music history’s most important missing artifacts. The film is currently in production, so visit the page and help spread the word! https://www.facebook.com/findingthefunkmachine UPDATE: Check out the kickstarter … Continue reading

South Carolina Hall of Fame: Help Get Jamerson Inducted…Sign the Petitions Today!

Dear Jamerson Enthusiasts, Anthony McKnight (JJ first cousin) is working to get James Jamerson inducted into his birth state of South Carolina’s Hall of Fame and we can help! His statement below: My name is Anthony”Ant”McKnight, I’m James Jamerson’s 1st cousin from Charleston, S.C. I am very very serious about getting my Cousin into the … Continue reading

Stevie Wonder – “You Met Your Match” Transcription

For all you Jamerson aficionados out there — if you do not own Stevie Wonder’s For Once In My Life LP, you have been missing out. The Funks were Little Wonder’s music tutors and some of the hippest tracks they ever cut were on his mid to late 60s records. Uptight, I Was Made To Love … Continue reading

Isolated Jamerson

Transcribing Jamerson can be a difficult task. Even though the bass is often mixed as upfront as the vocal lines, there is almost always that moment where you would give anything to hear Jamerson’s line a little clearer. You ask yourself questions like, “Was that an open A or an Ab or the bass drum … Continue reading

Save the Babies!: Marvin Gaye’s Save the Children 1971 (Album Version Bass Transcription)

Jamerson frequently tugs against the meter by superimposing a duple feel against the 12/8 groove. The opening four bars exemplify this rhythmic tension release pattern. One of my favorite moment on this record is when the walking line in m. 48 ignites the full blown walk that explodes with the drummer in m. 49 with … Continue reading

Save the Children LIVE 1973 (Coda) – Jamerson Transcription

Here is a transcription of the Coda section of Save the Children, where the groove has shifted from 12/8 to 4/4. Save the Children – Bass Transciption (Standard Notation)

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