Standing In The Shadows Of Love – Jamerson Transcription of the Week (Standard Notation & Tab)

Here is Jamerson’s line on the 1966 Four Tops hit, “Standing In The Shadows Of Love.” I’ve only provided the first run through the form, but you can see here how Jamerson uses the open strings to tackle shifting from one position to the next and his use of rakes to deal with string crossings (Ex. Bar 4). He is a master of these techniques.

In bar 2 it is quite possible that Jamerson stays in first position (he likes that position) playing the first couple Eb’s and Ab’s on the D and G strings and using an open A instead on the second half of beat three. But for now I’ve kept the line as it is, so that the pattern feels the same as his rake in the beginning of Bar 4. By the way Jamerson was only 28 when he cut this line! Enjoy!

Standing In the Shadows Of Love – Bass Transcription (Standard Notation and Tablature)

*There are a couple errors in the R&B bible that I’ve corrected in this transcription.

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